Top 10 Fetishes Which You Can Fulfill On Cam Sessions

Gone are the days when fetishes were considered as taboo. Fortunately, now people are able to talk openly about it, and thereby live a more satisfied and exciting sexual life. Besides, once people started taking about their sexual desires and fantasies, they were able to connect with likeminded people more easily. For instance, chatting with people over cam with the help of adult entertainment websites.

Here we have given a list of top 10 fetishes that are commonly requested in webcam sessions. If you are not able to understand your own sexual fantasies, then go through the list given below and explore your kinky desires better.

Commonly requested fetishes on cam sessions

  1. BDSM: It is an extremely popular fetish and the most commonly asked one as well. From the inspiration of Hollywood, people have now started appreciating the dark side of sex and BDSM is thus a leading fetish. In this fetish, a person is tied in ropes and other person or group of people either pleasure or torture the person for their own satisfaction and pleasure. Someone is in charge and dominating, while another person is submissive who does what he or she is commanded to.
  2. Femdom: This fetish is similar to BDSM. However, unlike BDSM where a male or female can be the dominating one, in femdom, only females are the boss. Rich and high class men request this fetish more, as for a while they get relieved of their powers and appreciate the idea of submitting to a beautiful woman or in some cases even trans.
  3. Piercing: Many individuals get turned on by seeing someone else getting a piercing. this is too a famous fetish and one of the popular webcam session category. The best part is, piercing doesn’t need to be done in intimate parts of the body. In fact, a piercing in the naval is good enough exciting as a piercing on nipples.
  4. Tattoo: Just like piercings, some individuals even get excited when they see individuals with tattoos. Again, tattoo on private parts is not a compulsion.
  5. Feet: People with this fetish are turned on by looking at a beautiful pair of feet. No wonder this fetish has evolved a lot in the past few years, and now toe sucking, footjobs, ankle fetish, etc. are some well-known variations. Nevertheless, barefoot fetish is still the most popular one where a sexy female rubs the penis using her feet and oil or lotions.
  6. Cleavage: Yes, surprisingly the idea of getting turned on by the sight of a sexy cleavage and big tits is considered as fetish and not a part of the mainstream porn. Well, if you are interested in getting teased by big tits, checkout cam sessions specifically dedicated to it.
  7. Cock ball torture (CBT): This is one of the most torturous and painful fetish. In this, a man’s penis and cook are tortures either by a man or woman. For starters, the balls are kicked, and gradually the torture increases.
  8. Butts: Just like tits, butts should also be considered as mainstream sex. It is after all very normal to get excited by looking at perfectly rounded and sexy butt.
  9. Master-Slave: This fetish is just an extension to BDSM, but harsher. One person acts as a master while another is the slave.
  10. Pet Play: In this fetish, people dress like cute pets and please one another. It usually involves special costumes and sex toys. The most common ones are dressing up like cats and puppies.

Well, that is it. There are several other sexy desires which one can accomplish in a cam session. After all, they are only limited by your imagination.